Amazon WorkSpaces

Use Amazon WorkSpaces clients to provision virtual desktops.

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Deploy feature-rich, optimized virtual desktops for your workforce with AWS workspaces Desktop-as-a-Service. 

What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

Amazon workspaces is a cloud-based virtual desktop service designed to emulate traditional desktops. It mimics an operating system, comprising a collection of software applications, storage space and computer resources. The software provides everything you would expect from a standard desktop.


What is an Amazon WorkSpace client?

Amazon offers a wide array of ‘client’ applications to support the delivery of the software on a variety of different devices. Currently, users can connect to workspaces via the following client applications:

  • Android Client Application
  • Chromebook Client Application
  • iPad Client Application
  • OS X Client Application
  • PColP Zero Client
  • Web Access
  • Windows Client Application

AWS desktop as a service – why should you use it?

  • Functionality – Deploy a managed, mobile virtual desktop platform that grants access to users from any device. A managed service eases the strain of deploying and maintaining a complex environment.
  • Value for money – AWS provides a cost-effective, simple method to deploy desktops. Compared to costly standard on-premises VDI, you can acquire a virtual desktop solution, applications and solid state storage (SSD) for a relatively small monthly fee. Furthermore, cloud hosting eliminates the need for maintenance and upfront investment costs.
  • Amazon Bundles – With a few different setups to choose from, AWS aims to cater to your organizational structure as best it can. Bundle options include: Value, Standard, Performance, Power, PowerPro, Graphics, and GraphicsPro.
  • 24/7 Access – Availability to use a desktop of your choice as and when you require.



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