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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

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what is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Architecture

Whatever kind of application you run, it’s pretty certain that you’re going to need servers. Sometimes you might need larger ones and sometimes you might need smaller ones. Sometimes you might not need many and other times you might need tens or hundreds. Whatever your requirements, wouldn’t it be great to be able to obtain servers quickly and inexpensively? Traditionally, obtaining servers could be quite time-consuming and typically something that could take weeks or even months. You have to do research into the right kind of hardware to buy, maybe get budget approval and then purchase the hardware, have it racked and stacked and eventually get access to your servers. and once you’d purchased the servers, you are stuck with them.  Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 makes it easy for you to obtain virtual servers also known as compute instances in the cloud quickly and inexpensively. You simply choose the instance type you want, the template you would like to use which could be based on Windows or Linux and launch the quantity you need.  (Ref  Abdul Rehman )



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