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Linkedin social media marketing


We’re talking about LinkedIn and the online marketing services available through this platform.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals, so it’s easy to see why advertisers gravitate towards this platform. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn is a more engaged network that boasts a more affluent, influential, and business focused network. Research shows that the income of an average LinkedIn member’s household is over $100,000 USD. This is definitely an audience that you want to capture if you’re looking to see REAL business from your advertising efforts.

The advantages of social media marketing are simple. Through a carefully planned marketing strategy you will be able to raise the exposure of your business and brand, reach new audiences, and drive repeated business with customers who are already familiar with you.

Social media marketing is no different in principle to traditional marketing methods, but it’s the extended reach and improved targetability that makes social media so attractive as a marketing platform. Some of the key advantages of social media marketing are that you can control who your audience is, and you can choose exactly what content is delivered to specific segments of that audience. Best of all, social media marketing can be far more cost effective than traditional marketing strategies like print media advertising.

Once you’ve made a commitment to social media marketing, it’s important to choose the right network that is going to give you the right kind of exposure, with the best returns on your investment. In a world of Facebook, twitter, Google+, and more it can be hard to know which network is the most suitable for your business. Every social media platform has its own strengths and type of audience. Let’s take a look at one of the best professional networks available today that can provide real returns on marketing.

There are two methods of advertising on LinkedIn. There’s the passive approach where you would create a profile, create powerful content for posts, engage in groups and discussions, and build a network of connected professionals to raise your exposure. The passive approach is important, and while it can be effective it relies on having a large network of friends which can take some time to build, especially as LinkedIn members are less likely to add people or companies that they haven’t worked with professionally.

The other alternative is paid advertising. LinkedIn online marketing services offer some of the most competitive advertising packages, and they’re effective for reaching the customers that you need, without having to first build a large LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn offers advertising packages for as little as $10 USD per day that will allow you to target the exact demographics that you’re looking for. You can narrow down your targeted audience by age, geographic location, industry, and even job position. You will also have options for pay per click advertising, or impression based advertising where you will pay for exposure regardless of how many clicks you receive.

Both passive and paid methods of advertising on LinkedIn are important, and the most successful strategy would incorporate both over time. As you build your profile and begin to incorporate both aspects of your strategy, it can be valuable for businesses to employ a paid social media manager to take care of their advertising activity. A social media manager, like the professionals found at will take the complex and time consuming tasks away from you and your staff, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than micromanaging your social media advertising.

Social media advertising cannot be ignored in a digital age. With the ability to reach new audiences, and especially LinkedIn’s ability to reach highly engaged and affluent audiences, social media marketing can give you the exposure and brand penetration that you need to grow your business.