Instagram The New Online Marketing Frontier


The world of marketing has changed drastically in just the last decade and those changes are continuing to evolve. If your business has not yet tapped into the unlimited potential of online and specifically social media, marketing you are leaving vast amounts of money on the table for your competitor to snap up. In order to stay on top of the game in this day and age you must understand the advantages of social media marketing, which definitely includes Instagram online marketing.


Internet and Social Media Demographics

If you do not have a Facebook business page, you are way behind the times. It may have been a mere novelty even five years ago, but today social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are household names with members checking in daily. Are you utilizing the marketing power freely available? A large number of businesses are experimenting with Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser degree Instagram. Why bother with Instagram at all, you might ask. For starters the younger demographic is moving away from Facebook and even Twitter since they are rapidly becoming their parents and even grandparents platforms! This does not mean they are old news, but as a business, it is important to note the new trends and make adjustments to your marketing strategy.



At this point, you may still be wondering what in the world an Instagram is. It is a mobile sharing platform that allows users to take, edit and share photographs and videos. One unique aspect of this social networking application is the variety of filters you can use to dress up your images or video. Couple this with the ease of sharing your completed work on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook and you begin to understand its appeal to the younger audience. Users enjoy sharing their candid moments and followers love browsing through what could arguably be called the world’s largest photo album. One reason users like it better than other social media platforms is the ability to comment on an image without worrying about a million notifications for each comment made after theirs.

Pulling it Together

Conquering the world of online marketing is a big task, and with the addition of possibilities from social media, it can be somewhat daunting. This is when the assistance of a trained professional can make all the difference. The individuals at The Bush are experienced and understand the advantages of social media marketing. Keep in mind, people remember 20% of what they hear, but 80% of what they see, which is probably the best reason of all to consider Instagram online marketing services.

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