Cool Website Designs

The Best Responsive Websites Online. How Does Yours Stack Up?

There’s a lot more to website design these days than you might think. While good navigation is necessary, and great content is a requirement, don’t you also want it to be creative and intriguing and eye-catching? Substance and content are of course the meat and potatoes, but a little bit of relish is a good thing. Some people don’t believe that good content and super website design are a possibility but they can go together and in fact they should go together.

Bear in mind that today, the answer to solid access for the mobile crowd–which by the way is absolutely up and coming–is the responsive site. Mobile sites are more common than ever but according to Bright Edge, more than half of them are incorrectly implemented, leaving a lot of traffic on the table. The answer for businesses and even personal sites today is the best responsive websites that they can get. For business or for personal, responsive website design, allowing everyone to see literally everything that the page has to offer is the right answer.
Today the internet is a much more colourful, more eye-catching, more interesting place to be. It’s an exciting new world out there and the traffic goes to the site that offers the most interesting content and the most impressive site. There are some wonderful new designs out there that you need to check out. Many of them are impressive corporate sites that wouldn’t be overly difficult to emulate, at least in part.

The first idea for your use in the cool website designs is the Pointless Corporation. Take a peek at Note the impressive colour play and the nearly info-graphic front page. In many cases, info graphics don’t stick in your mind. This one does. As you review the site on simulators, you will note that despite the difference sizes in which you view it, the look is outstanding and full mobility is one of the best parts of the site.

The second coloful and cohesive web presence is Toasted Design of Convent Garden, London. Top quality colors, bright and exciting design and absolutely responsive, this is the kind of design that you’re looking for and the kind of response time that you can get from the right website design.

Cool website designs, fully responsive designs and quality content that excites and delights are not mutually exclusive.
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