Building the Best Ecommerce Sites


Domain PurchaseJust as a traditional store needs to be easily accessible for their clients and be presented in a manner so it doesn’t overwhelm them, the best ecommerce sites also follow a simple to use formula that makes them ideal for both search engines and online shoppers. To achieve this, they need to use some of the best website designs available today, such as those offered by The Bush Telegraph.

A good starting point is to be sure the groundwork for the website is straightforward and simple enough for the average user. Navigation should be to the point and should be a few clicks at most. The best ecommerce sites are those in which a customer can click a couple of menu options to get to where they need to be. All menu wording should be one or two words only to prevent someone from becoming overwhelmed.

You should then test each of the links and make sure none take you to the dreaded 404 page. If they do, you need to fix it as quickly as possible to avoid further problems with your website. But don’t assume everything is done at this point. The best website designs are those that evolve and are tested on a regular basis.

Information on product pages should be concise and to the point. Be sure there is a high quality picture of the product the customer can review along with easy to read text on the page. In the text, touch on material, weight and other items the customer will likely ask. This can reduce the number of questions that have to be answered when they are making a purchase. Then make certain information about shipping is also included so there aren’t any surprises for the customer.

Having a fully functional search feature is equally important. For it to be most successful, be sure it can also search for partial words and misspelled words and still provide your searchers with results. It is important for you to accommodate the customer as much as possible connect them with the items they are looking for.

Simplifying the checkout process is also important. Your checkout process should be quick and easy without a lot of delays yyassociated with it. The longer it takes to checkout, the more likely it is the customer will abandon their shopping cart. Try to gather as much info as you can quickly and allow a streamlined checkout process with a SSL certificate for additional protection.

Now, check your load times on your website. The best ecommerce sites are those that load in under 2 seconds. Any longer than this and you’ll see the number of potential customers dropping significantly.

With a little effort on your part, you can create some of the best website designs for your online store. Of course, if you find you need some extra help, we are always available to give you the perfect design that not only meets your unique needs, but the needs of your customers.



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