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If you want to be successful online, you need to have one of the best website designs your customers encounter. In fact, companies with the best-designed websites find their online sales are higher and customers feel more comfortable doing business with them when compared to websites that are cluttered or have a generic build. At The Bush Telegraph, we are able to professionally create a website for you that is incredible looking with the core essentials.

This begins with a strategic layout. When your customer lands on your home page, it should be organized with specific content highlighted. From this page, your customer should be able to determine what you are offering them and the course of action they can take to purchase the goods or service from you. The successful website will be one that drives traffic to their store, has detailed product or service pages, a contact form and an opportunity to join a mailing list with an exclusive item as an incentive for doing so.

Along with being free of clutter, easy readability is important. This is done by looking at the typography on a page. Although some fonts may be really cool, trying to read them for long periods of time can be nearly impossible and cost you customers. When considering your typography, look at the font and consider the sizes that will work best for you. The most ideal choice is a font most people can easily read with a font size that can easily be read without manipulating the zoom on the screen.

Equally important is the color scheme. The best website designs are those that fully take advantage of the colors available. You’ll notice on the best designed websites, color helps to direct your attention to certain points on the screen. Color helps visitors notice call to action buttons, helps to set the mood and even be used for branding.

When creating color schemes, consider pictures and the color pairings that work best with them as well. You don’t want bright vivid colors or text on backgrounds that cause your readers to struggle to read. Doing so will cost you customers and can lead to further problems for you. If you struggle with proper color pairing, The Bush Telegraph can help guide you through the process and make sure you have one of the best website designs possible.

Finally, engaging your customers is equally important for your online business. The best-designed websites are those that keep a customer engaged and focused so they make a purchase with you. If a customer has to go somewhere else to find information about a product or service, there is less chance they will come back. Be sure you have all necessary information readily available on your website and provide links to it so the customer can use you and your resources as a one-stop resource to help boost your sales.

The right website design can help you take your business to the next level online and make sure your customers keep coming back for more.

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